The idea for Copiefast was born out of the combined need of students of Nirma University to have an always ready database of document resources that they can access during classes or one night before the exams. The main motivation for this project was to help students in urgent times and not have any time wasted in looking to gather educational content. This database includes Notes, Assignments & previous year papers for all years of all courses like Btech, BBA, MBA, etc and has helped numerous students in all parts of their preparations- from studying, making notes and the final last minute glazing through previous year question papers.


  • Compile the enormous amount of data into easily accessible and findable sections for students to quickly access.

  • Include all the relevant material needed in exam preparations- Study material, Notes & previous year Question Papers.

  • Find a way to allow students to view, download or save the content without making the website too complex and heavy.

  • Continuously update the database with new material with the help of existing students to keep the database relevant & up to date.


  • The huge amount of material was classified into relevant sections and easy to find sub-sections so that students can quickly get to what they exactly want.

  • Study material, best quality Notes & Previous year question papers were uploaded to these sections.

  • To keep the website simple, light & easy to use, all files were made accessible through Google Drive, so that students can view, share , download or save the content to their drive, whatever fits their need.

  • Website is continuously updated every semester and new & relevant material is uploaded to keep the database up to date.