Indiscan is an Inhouse project of Krane Apps that was commenced in the light of the blanket ban on major chinese apps in India. Some of these banned apps included important educational significance holding apps like document scanners & pdf making apps used by millions of Indians. Therefore, in order to provide Indians with a light, easy to use application free from any security concern Indiscan was developed.


The application was required to solve the following problems:

  • Be as simple & easy to use as possible so that it could be used by everyone having any level of technical expertise- from teachers with little experience to tech-savvy students.

  • Provide the feature to scan documents with the help of the smartphone’s camera and to convert it into PDF format.

  • Users should be able to manage their scanned documents, share it through the medium of their choice like email, whatsapp, telegram etc.


  • A feature-packed light, easy to use application was developed that allows the user to scan documents through the smartphone’s camera and convert it to PDF format.

  • Users also have the option to click multiple images and create a multi-page pdf document easily.

  • Upon creating the document , they can share it through Whatsapp, telegram or email

  • Users can easily manage their library of documents in the app itself without having to navigate to some other application for the same. They can rename, delete or filter the documents to their liking.