01 Design Sprint

Inspired by the now-famous Google Ventures methodology, each project starts with an intense, 5-day discovery process that ends with empirical validation with real clients.


Day 1: Problem Selection

Day 2: Solution Sketching

Day 3: Solution Storyboarding

Day 4: Solution Prototyping

Day 5: Solution User Validation


  • To have a singular focus for 5 days

  • To gain confidence we’re headed in the right direction and/or need to pivot/adjust the product

  • To rally internal stakeholders around a solution or feature set by making them a part of the process

02 user experience design

Using the insights from the Design Sprint, our UX designer will flesh out the user stories, journeys, and states to create a clear, seamless and delightful experience. And most importantly iterative User Testing.


  • Competitive analysis

  • Documentation of user tasks

  • Outline of User Stories

  • Qualitative feedback (i.e., interviews)

  • Quantitative user feedback (i.e. surveys)


  • To have a clickable wire-frame prototype ready for user testing

  • To gather feedback for correct prioritization of features prior to coding/development

  • To iterate on the concept and design before spending any time coding/in-development

03 Visual Design

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Work with our visual design team to create an elegant design that incorporates the latest trends and capabilities.


  • Visual brand identity/user interface (UI) design for the majority of screens

  • Full-fidelity, clickable prototype


  • To create the polished brand that users today demand

  • To have a full-fidelity clickable prototype ready for user testing

04 Develop & Test

Agility is the name of the game. Our scrum-based Agile development methodology ensures frequent builds and gives you plenty of time to test and adjust. While our experienced Quality Assurance (QA) team will identify and manage testing.


  • Fully tested and QA’d front-end and back-end code that matches agreed-upon specifications


  • To ensure a product is as bug free as possible at launch

  • To ensure the product works as expected

05 Marketing & PR Launch

No app launch plan is complete without the proper marketing, PR and engagement tools to help it get discovered and retain users.


  • Introductions to the right marketing partner(s) with the skillset and testing strategy needed for the product


  • To ensure a test driven marketing strategy allowing for quick learning and and efficient use of capital

  • To help prioritize new feature development based on marketing learnings

06 Product launch

Getting an app live on the web or submitting an app to the App Store can be a tricky process, but we will help you along the way to get your app published, so you can start monetizing.


  • A first version/beta version/MVP live and in-market

  • A prioritized backlog of future features based on user feedback


To launch at the right time based on market timing and growth/adoption strategy

07 track & learn

Updates are essential to an app’s success. Using both quantitative and qualitative tracking tools, we will help you identify opportunities to improve and update your app based on user data and feedback.


  • On-going support and management of the post-launch product

  • Design and development of new features based on marketing data, analytics data and ongoing user testing

  • Qualitative feedback (i.e., interviews and reviews)

  • Quantitative user feedback (i.e., surveys)


To ensure we have the data to determine which features & functionality to build next and/or change to fit the needs of (new) customers