How we grew the social community from 0 to 15K in 3 months?


  • To present our platform as a “must-have” for anyone who is actively involved in the Stock Market, a place for traders & investors to congregate and interact, making the lonely sport of stock trading less lonely for the individual.

  • Market ourselves as a vibrant, organically growing community where everyone has something to contribute, be it knowledge or experience . Everyone from a beginner who is just diving into the world of Financial markets to professionals that are already successful- everyone will have something to contribute to & gain from the unfiltered & engaging conversations on the platform.

Target audience

Anyone who is currently involved in the Stock Market in any way and is welcoming to the idea of an online community of traders that is fun, engaging & a helpful knowledge resource.

market research

Number of Internet Users in India has more than doubled in the last 6 years, from 300 million in 2015 to 760 million in 2021. Except China, India has already overtaken every other country in the world in terms of data consumption during this time period.

In the same time, the number of Indians getting into the Stock Market has seen a similar boom. According to SEBI, The number of new dematerialized accounts, or demat accounts, opened during financial year 2020 was the most in at least a decade at 6.8 million, a 70% increase from the 4 million demat accounts opened in the previous year. Total demat accounts at the end of fiscal 2020 stood at 47.6 million, up from 35.9 million on 31 March 2019 (5,28,70,482 total active accounts)

This huge number of new retail investors joining the market in such a short span of time has created a big demand for online resources, discussion forums, places to interact with other investors/traders. Several Business News Websites cater to parts of these requirements. But the average retail investor in India has no place to interact freely and gain knowledge and insights, share own experiences and anything related to Stock Market, be updated on ongoing events, know what other people think of a stock etc.

StockMeDaily will provide all these things and much more at one place.


  • FREE for all - No membership required.

  • Real people, genuine opinions, organic conversations- No paid promotions, paid service providers etc., just normal people putting forward what they think.

  • Automatic Filtering & push to most Value-providing best contributors- Followers count, likes and engagement through comments will automatically give the best contributing members of the community a push an incentive to continue with their good work, while spammers & self promoters will be pushed to the bottom in terms of visibility.

SWOT Analysis


  • StockMeDaily is currently a one of a kind product. No other platform in India offers similar features.

  • Totally Free of Cost with no subscription fee or up-sells.

  • Will provide all the relevant information on a daily basis at a single place along with the added benefit of seeing what other people are saying on a particular topic.

  • Networking opportunity for traders around the world.

  • Provides a place to find Unbiased reviews of companies, services etc without any censorship.


  • Tough to get people from various whatsapp ,facebook groups to move over to a different platform.


  • Get already renowned personalities of Indian Stock Market on the platform. Thus, increasing our credibility and adding the existing followers of said personalities to our user base.

  • Get people from countries apart from India on the platform too, creating a global community rather than being limited to only India.


  • People prefer widely adopted platforms more like whatsapp, twitter and facebook groups to discuss investment and trading.

Marketing strategy

We aim to deploy Facebook ads and instagram ads targeting our preferred demographic of people who have shown interest in the stock market, trading & investing related topics as our primary way of getting the word out about our application. We will be using multiple ad groups with the aim of conveying the following selling points in a concise, attention grabbing & most impact having way possible:

  • We are India’s first “FREE FOR ALLtrading community

  • Highlight features like posting, discussions , chatroom, stock recommendations , chart analysis by giving examples

  • The StockMeDaily community is already a vibrant space to be in and the action is already happening there.

  • Fun Competitions & Quizzes with Cash prices where everyone stands a chance to win.

  • Collaborations with Influencers on these platforms , i.e Facebook and Instagram pages having a good reach in the same demographic will be made to reach out to even more people.

  • Attend Physical meetings, Workshop & events where the target audience is expected at

  • Long term Branding Plan & Reinforced Marketing : We aim to Leverage the huge user base of different Social Media Platforms for a continuous Brand building process for StockMeDaily and to continue expanding our user base. We currently plan to do this through the following, although changes and additions will be made according to the changing landscape and wherever the need arises.

  • Actively provide news updates that are relevant to an investor or a stock trader.

  • Informative content like Fundamental Analysis of companies, sector wise analysis, upcoming IPOs etc.

  • Fun & engaging humorous content created with current events, meme trends, daily happenings of market etc.

The reason behind this long term play can be understood in the following steps:

  • Engage people with the content by providing something of value free of cost, can be informative, fun, research etc.

  • Gain followers and engagement as a result of the free value being provided.

  • Continue providing value through free posts while making the audience know about the StockMeDaily applications, its features and how one can benefit from it.

  • Continue the process, getting the audience familiar with our Brand through soft promotions at the end of a value providing free post & occasional hard promotion.

Through this continuous process, We aim to create a respectable online Brand image, along with increasing our influence as we gain new followers and using the influence to drive more downloads to our app.