An inhouse project of Kraneapps, Stream Shiksha was inspired by the huge demand for India’s indegineous application for online education that has all the features required to make online education easily accessible to all. The application was developed keeping in mind the guidelines issued by “MyGov India: App Innovation Challenge''.

Our aim was to develop a platform that can be used by teachers & students easily and includes all the features necessary to make online education as smooth as possible & accessible freely to every Indian student regardless of his economic capacity or location.


  • To provide appropriate features to cater to the varied demands of an online school like classes, orientations, webinar & more.

  • Make the live streaming process as smooth as possible & provide both students and teachers the tools to maximise the learning potential of live streams.

  • Make it possible for students to access important pre recorded videos multiple times as per every individual student’s needs.

  • Incorporate features to stop mischievous non-student users to be able to be able to access and join classes.

  • Include features that digitally can replace the attendance system, marking system etc.


  • Different class options were developed, i.e the

  1. Normal single class- where all students of a class can join,

  2. Webinars- where all interested students across different classes can join

  3. Broadcast- Helps send a video message to all participants across all classes from a master account.

  • The Live stream feature was modified to make the teachers & students have the best learning experience through these features:

  1. Chat with the speaker through textbox

  2. Present a PPT or share a video

  3. White Board option to illustrate any concept with a pen.

  4. Attendance feature to mark the number of students present

  5. The lessons in LIVE stream can be recorded by the students. This will enable repetitive viewership as per convenience.

  • Workshop feature was added that allows teachers to show videos of experiments etc to all participating students. These are saved on the application and can be accessed any number of times by the students as per their learning needs.

  • The creation of classrooms is allowed only to the teachers. They are provided with a particular code that is shared with the students. Only the teacher can control the inflow of students into the classes & during webinars. This ensures that the decorum of the classroom is maintained and no mischievous elements are allowed access to classrooms or webinars.

  • To make the maintenance of records easy for the teachers, Attendance & marking features are incorporated in the application itself. These will make the work easier for the teacher by keeping records of attendance, marks etc.