WhatUWant is an idea that was born out of the Pandemic for solving the hassle-filled process of getting various services like housekeeping, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, pest control etc at your doorstep while practitioning proper health & safety norms. To address these issues, while also providing the best skilled professionals in these areas easily with the pressing of a button, WHATUWANT was born.


  • The platform for WhatUWant needed to be simple yet effective- something anyone can operate easily while also being fully feature -packed.

  • There needed to be an integrated feature for users to effortlessly & quickly get in contact with the service providers without filling up long text forms.

  • WhatUWant needed to be marketed through proper channels and be brought to people’s attention in order to expand the customer base.


  • We designed an easy to use, dynamic website for WhatUWant, focussing on the main services provided & optimising the website to get maximum sales.

  • In order to avoid the time-consuming, traditional method of getting contact details through a typeform, we integrated every service’s section with a direct CALL and WHATSAPP MESSAGE button, through which users can instantly get in contact with the Service Providers. This reduced the effort required to be put by users to minimum & got WhatUWant more sales.

  • In order to help WhatUwant reach a broader audience,we designed & executed an elaborate Social Media Marketing Campaign for them. People on Social Media were targeted based on the locations WhatUwant operated in & made aware of the services available. Social Media soon became a major source of WhatUWant’s customers.