Xpert Finance

Xpert Finance is an innovative platform that brings together Experts from the field of Finance, Consulting, Chartered Accountancy, Law etc at one place to help startups & Small Business Owners in solving compliance issues while starting and running their businesses. Business Owners can get everything from loans to services like GST filing, tax returns & other legal and consulting services at one place.


Xpert Finance had a team of highly educated & experienced professionals from every field offering the top notch services for businesses but was still finding it difficult to reach a broader customer base. The main reasons for this were:

  • the absence of a well-functioning,dynamic website that could help them reach their target audience at a bigger scale. There was no way for someone looking for their services to find them online & become a client.

  • The absence of a dedicated app to offer their services to entrepreneurs & business owners at the touch of a button.


  • We designed a good-looking , functional & easy to use website for Xpert Finance. The website was made keeping the client requirements & goals in mind in order to have the website deliver the desired results.

  • A dedicated application was designed by Krane Apps to provide all the services effortlessly to the users. In addition to this, a lucrative earning opportunity was inbuilt in the app in the form of a referral system, allowing existing satisfied users to refer others to Xpert Finance services and earn money through referrals.